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3 basic home interior tips

Some people have a natural eye for interior design and others need some creativity or motivation in order to think outside of the box to make their home look nice and cosy.  When people go to purchase a new build home, they are often spoilt by having the choice to view a nicely decorated new build showroom that has all the bits and bobs to make it really appealing to the eye.  These will have been decorated by experts who have put a lot of thought into this and tried their hardest to entice you to purchase a property.  From this point, it normally goes bad where despite the best of intentions, people then do not put the same level of effort into their own home.  Here are some very basic things that can be done within your own home interior to help improve its look.

Modern homes are usually plain in colour throughout and a lot of people prefer this and leave the home in this condition.  How a lick of paint in a slightly different shade can make this look at lot better!  This does not even need to be on all 4 of the walls but even on 1 of the walls.  Other things you can do to add a bit of colour to a room is look at the colours of the furniture, whether this is the sofa, tables and chairs or even the lightshades.  People generally gravitate towards the same standard colours but trying something a bit more jazzy could make the room be more vibrant.

There are various options nowadays on how people floor their home.  The three main options are to carpet it, tile it or place wooden or laminate flooring on it.  In terms of the flooring, you can do something a bit different and instead of normal wooden flooring, you could go for parquet flooring which is designed slightly differently.  Parquet floors are also not any more difficult to install than conventional flooring so don’t let that put you off.  If you currently have carpets throughout the home, consider breaking this up and having a few of the rooms with this type of flooring.  If trying to sell your home after a period of time, this will definitely be a selling point.  In the bathrooms, tiling on the floors may be a slightly more expensive option but tiling is definitely popular.

The lights in any room will determine the mood and are something that can be changed quite easily.  People generally go for the standard lamps and shades which is not the most creative.  Nowadays, you can go for lights that are of all shapes and sizes.  The brightness of these lights can also be modified with things like dimmers.  In terms of on the ceiling, you can easily change the lightshade for ceiling lights and depending on the room that these are situated in, you may even wish to consider having different colours in them. 

Make sure to take on board some of our design tips for your home.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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